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10-22-17 Arizona CCW Permit Course, Chino Valley, AZ

Not all CCW Certification Classes are the same.  Did you know that in Arizona there is no REQUIREMENT to actually shoot at all in order to apply and receive your CCW'  At Nielsen Training and Consulting, we find that unacceptable. In our CCW Certification Class you will learn all the appropriate Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS) to make sure you feel safe and confident while carrying your firearm.  We will explain the ARS's in detail and have discussion on the various sections, you will not leave without a solid base understanding of how, when and where you may carry and in what situations it is appropriate to use deadly force.  We willdiscuss what is needed for your "EDC".  In addition, you will spend time on the range shooting from several concealed carry positions. Expert marksmanship can take years to achieve but, by the end of out CCW Certification Class, you will know the basics of how to carry concealed correctly and safely, and how to draw and fire from concealed carry positions.




  • Functioning concealed carry handgun. (A limited amount of rental firearms are available)
  • At least 100 rounds of ammunition.
  • At least one spare magazine or speed loader for revolvers.
  • A good quality concealed carry holster (Inside the Waistband or Outside the Waistband (Ankle holsters or Purse carry is not recommended but is acceptable, call NTaC with any questions).
  • Eye and Ear protection.
  • Pen and paper to take good notes.
  • Clothing should be comfortable but an outside "Cover" garment is required for the shooting portion of the class.
  • Lunch, a snack and plenty of hydration is recommended.

Our Price: $100.00


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