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09-02-17 Tactical Shotgun Clinic Chino Valley AZ

Our one day Tactical Shotgun Clinic is designed to give an operator a good understanding of the 12 or 20 gauge shotgun and its versatility as a defensive weapon. We will assist you building a fundamental skill set with the shotgun and being able to run a shotgun for home defense or in a tactical environment. We will cover proper ammo selec tion for each operator’s unique circumstances. We can give you options to selec t ammunition on fly and load from different types of ammunition the operator has at their disposal. This is a fast paced course so please be prepared. For any questions please feel free to contact any of our staff. (Minimum of 125 bird shot, 25 buck shot, and 25 slugs)


Equipment List

1.      A properly functioning pump or semi-auto 12-or 20-gauge shotgun

2.      25 rounds of slug ammo

3.      75 rounds of 00 buckshot

4.      125 rounds of birdshot (#8 recommended)

5.      Pouches to accommodate shotgun ammo. (A large dump pouch is recommended)

6.      A quality Sling

7.      Body armor if you would wear it while deploying a carbine

8.      Handgun and 3 magazines (recommended but not mandatory)

9.      100 rounds of handgun ammunition (recommended but not mandatory)

10.  Holster and magazine pouches (recommended but not mandatory)

11.  Sharpie type pen for marking targets

12.  Pen and notepad for taking notes

13.  Hat or other head covering

14.  Gloves (recommended but not mandatory)

15.  Knee and elbow pads

16.  Eye and ear protection

17.  Footwear that you can stand in all day (boots are highly recommended)

18.  Sunscreen or raingear (as applicable) (The course will go rain or shine)

19.  Enough water supply to sustain you for the day

20.  A lunch or snack food (We will not have time to leave the range for lunch)



Our Price: $225.00


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