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Joe Fleming

Joe Fleming
Staff Instructor/Safety Officer
Joe started his shooting experience as a young teenager. He hunted in his youth in the Midwest after learning firearm safety certificates from the NRA, and then later joining the Army as a heavy anti-armor infantryman. He joined the state Combat Pistol and Combat Rifle team which took a team 4th place at the national level in 1991. In 1993 Joe started his Law Enforcement career with the San Jose Police Department. Over the course of 20 years he worked in Patrol, Field Training, METRO, Bomb Squad, and as a Backgrounder.

During the years as a patrol Officer he attended multiple schools beyond the standardized training required of Officers, including : CPT Range Safety Officer, Dynamic Entry Course, Stunbag course, Louis Awerbuck's Yavapai Tactical Pistol level 1, Raid and Entry MERGE course, Ar-15 Carbine school, Rapid Containment Team class, SJPD in-house pistol and shotgun course, Dakota CTC Officer Survival & Weapons course, Specialist Carbine school, Kyle Lamb's Viking Tactics Carbine 1.5 school, and San Jose Carbine/Specialist school as a guest instructor.

Joe also worked as an FTO where he cut his teeth on teaching the profession one on one to his recruits. He later went to the METRO unit where he conducted undercover operations and uniformed tactical entries serving arrest & search warrants. During this time additional tactical training courses were taken : METRO academy, Taser training and certification, LAPD's Tactical Entry Instructors class, Louis Awerbuck's Yavapai Tactical Pistol level 2 class, AR-15 marksmanship Instructor for SJPD Specialist/Operator school.

Joe worked as a Bomb Technician in the Bomb squad, which included a 6 week school and certification at the Hazardous Devices School in Alabama, FBI post-blast investigation school, Suicide/Homicide bombers seminar, FBI Terrorism seminar, Louisiana State Weapons of Mass Destruction Response Instructors course, Department of Homeland Security Personal Protective school, Louisiana State Terrorism Prevention and Deterrence Instructors course, FBI Large vehicle Bomb Post-blast school, Radiological & Nuclear Hazards & Detection School, IED & WMD Electronics course, FBI Large Vehicle Bomb Countermeasures school, R.E.S.T./Gunsite Explosive Breachers school & certification, North Vector Tactical Explosive Breachers school & Blasters certification

Joe has received over 3,900 hours of training beyond the State required Police Officer training. His prior Military experience and 20 years of Police work in various roles has led given him many hands on experiences that he is able to impart to students. He believes that learning never stops and a good instructor will learn from his students as well as teach them what he knows. Joe is continuing to expand and improve his instructing profile by achieving NRA Instructors certifications.

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