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Will Chan

Will Chan
Staff Instructor/Safety Officer
Will spent 4 years in the Marine Corps as a Logistics Officer serving in assignments of Battalion S-4A, Battalion Motor Transport Officer, and MEF Red Cell Team Member. He has deployed to the Middle East on two tours. His first deployment to Afghanistan was as a Motor Transport Officer, leading transportation, route reconnaissance, and vehicle recovery missions throughout Helmand Province. He deployed a second time to Afghanistan with a Red Cell, analyzing enemy history, trends and tactics, assessing threats to critical infrastructure, and supporting operational planning teams with alternative perspectives of a thinking enemy. Will is also an avid firearms enthusiast who loves to teach, train and learn new tactics, techniques, and procedures in order to enhance his capabilities and responsibilities as a safe and proficient shooter. Even as an instructor, he is a continuing student who constantly strives to improve his craft, to push and test his skill sets.

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